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Portable Quilt Display Rack Custom Made for Quilts with Fully Telescoping Crossbar and Carrying Case. IF USING COUPON, YOU MUST ENTER THE CODE UNDER “VIEW CART,” once product is added to cart.

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A Portable Quilt Display Rack for a Polished & Professional Presentation

  • Expands to 10′ High x 12′ wide (minimum width 56″)
  • Fully Telescoping Lock-in-Place Crossbar for a Custom Horizontal Fit
  • Comfortably Accommodates Large Heavy Quilts
  • Tripod-based Supports w/ Spring Loaded Joint Clamps (Maintenance Tool Included) for a Custom Vertical Fit
  • Includes a Carrying Case w/ Individual Compartments for Supports
  • Commercial Grade Aluminum Alloy w/ Large Diameter Tubing
  • Fully Adjustable Tripod Base for Maximum Stability
  • Easily Displays a King-Size Quilt
  • Includes Two Supports, Telescoping Crossbar (in two parts), Carrying Case and Clamp Maintenance Tool

This heavy-duty yet highly portable quilt rack will fit nearly any size quilt, including a king-sized quilt, with plenty of room to spare. The telescoping tripod-base supports and crossbar extend to 10′ (120″) high x 12′ (144″) wide for a custom fit. The two-part telescoping crossbar can be adjusted and then locked in place to match the exact width of the quilt on display so you are not limited by pre-set lengths which can detract from a polished and professional exhibit. (The minimum width is 56″.) These dimensions also make it an ideal frame for a 10’x10′ show booth. Will hold up to 45 lbs.

This sturdy yet compact portable quilt display stand weighs just 14 lbs. and is easy to assemble. It breaks down to just 36″ and is stored in its own custom carrying case with compartments for each tripod-base support and a zippered opening which spans the entire length of the bag.

The unique joint mechanisms are spring-loaded clamps ideal for multiple users.  However, should the clamps loosen over time a tool is included to tighten them up and maintain optimum tension for a tight hold.  Please view our demo (above or on our demo videos page) for instructions on how to use the maintenance tool.

This Quilt Display Stand is Ideal for Guilds, Shows, Meetings, Photography & Opportunity/Raffle Quilts. Here’s why:

Portability makes this quilt rack a must for guild meetings, quilt shows, quilt photography and quilt design. It sets up in just minutes for a clean, professional quilt display. One of the most unique features is that the telescoping crossbar can be adjusted to fit any size quilt (min. 56″) for a custom fit. Other stands offer fixed lengths that can make a small quilt look clumsy with too much bar showing. This is especially important for Opportunity or Raffle Quilts that depend on polish and beauty to get the most sales!

Service & Replacement Parts

We understand that sometimes quilt racks come back from a show with a missing or broken part. Our commitment to you is for the life of the quilt stand. We offer spare parts from joints to crossbars and replacement bags. Just call our toll free number 888 878 1212 for help to guide you through identifying what you need to extend the life of your Quilt Display Stand. Replacement parts are inexpensive and easy to install.

Special Configurations to Display More Quilts 

See our Specifications and Display page – click here

Canadian shipping will be added on a cost per order basis, and we will contact you prior to charging the order.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 37 x 8 x 6 in

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