Quilt Stand Specifications and Multiple Display Options

The versatility of this Quilt Display Stand Rack will allow for multiple quilt display options and is ideal for the display of individual quilts, a quilt guild show or a temporary museum exhibit.

This set includes two tripod supports, a telescoping crossbar, a heavy-duty carrying case and a maintenance tool to maintain optimum performance.

The tripod-based supports telescope from 36 inches to a maximum vertical extension of 10 ft (120”). If more height is required you can place the supports on risers. The tripod base can expand or contract depending on available display space.

The two-piece telescoping crossbar extends from a minimum width of 5.3 ft to 12 ft (144”) for a custom fit. The crossbar has a safety lock-in-place feature that holds the desired width in place without slippage. To avoid sag extend the crossbar only to the exact width of the quilt to achieve even weight distribution. Safely holds the weight of a heavy king-size quilt or up to 45 lbs.

The carrying case is just 36 inches in length and has separate pockets for each support. It unzips at one end and along the entire length for easy access and storage.

Complete Quilt Display Stand weighs just 14 lbs.


Quilt Display Stand Set Up Details

The telescoping supports extend vertically and are held in place with spring-loaded locking collars, not pegs. A special maintenance tool is included should the collars loosen over time. No tools are required for set up. The tripod base can be adjusted to fit the available floor space.

The two-piece telescoping crossbar joins together (see image on this page) and telescopes out from the center. The lock-in-place feature is unlocked by twisting each segment in a counter-clockwise motion. Once the desired extension has been achieved simply twist clockwise to lock in place.

More detailed set-up instructions are included with every Quilt Display Stand, as are instructions for the use of the maintenance tool. Click here to see how to use the maintenance tool on the Video Demo page.


Special Configurations – Multiple Quilt Display Options for Guilds & Museum Exhibits

Display Quilts Both Front & Back

You will need one extra crossbar and two “S” hooks. First attach the “S” hook to either end of the crossbar (this assumes you have already set up a complete stand). Now rest the extra crossbar on the bottom section of the “S” hook (see image on this page) and the stand is ready to display a second quilt on the backside.


Display Three to Six Full-Size Quilts on Two Quilt Stands

You will need two complete Quilt Display Stands, four extra crossbars and three sets of hooks to display six quilts. (See image on this page.)  Follow the Front & Back directions to display four quilts on two stands. Now place an extra crossbar between the two fully assembled stands by stacking each end of the crossbar on top of the crossbar already in place. The anchor pin at the top of each support is just tall enough to hold the width of two crossbars (see image on this page). Then follow the Front & Back directions with the “S” hooks and you have a total display space for six full-size quilts.


Three quilts displayed using two complete quilt stands and one extra crossbar.

Joint Clamps

Two-piece telescoping crossbar

“S” Hook

Stacked Crossbars on Support Pin